10 Things I’m in to RIGHT NOW!

10 Things I’m into RIGHT NOW!


Every season I realize that there are new things I find myself utterly obsessed with. I mean, yeah some things change but often times I find new favorites and with the holidays approaching a few of these things you may find perfect for your holiday gift giving guide.

So without further a-dew….here we go!

My Fenty Foundation:  This foundation is everything and because my skin tone can sometimes look uneven to me, I put a bit of this on

Fenty Lip Gloss: Fenty has the best lipgloss ever!!!! It’s soooo smooth! Not too thick and not too glossy with the perfect nude tent! I use it ever

Hanging out with my children: THEY ARE AWESOME! The end. Lol

Criminal Minds on Netflix: I am definitely on the late train with this one but this show is awesome!!!  I mean, I could never do this job and if I watch the show too late I have nightmares but…it is awesome!

Dunkin Donuts Hot Coffee: I was Starbucks obsessed for a while but lately I’ve been obsessed with my hot coffee with caramel swirl and cream! It’s like heaven on earth!

Hoodies: crew necks or hoodies…& this isn’t something I am proud of but since this is my open book, I guess ill tell y’all.  I’ve gained some weight recently, that I am working to get off but I am not very happy about this pudge I have going on, so guess what?  I’ve been wearing a few more hoodies than I want to lately only because I am NOT buying new clothes!  This weight has to go! Plus, you can throw up uggs or cute booties and still kill it with a crew neck. 

Reading Books: I just feel like social media and technology has taken over our lives as well as our children.  Well, the only way to raise little readers is for them to see you doing the same thing.  I love to get excited about picking out new books with my boys and reading them in my most dramatic voice.  

Listening to Podcasts: When I’m on my way to work I’d much rather enjoy a podcast than turn up music.  I honestly get annoyed with some of todays music.  Other than Ella Mai, and a few others this new generation music makes me sick. 

Alex and Ani Bracelets: omg! These bracelets have my heart. They’re not too prices but you can pair them with any outfit which I love! I also mix the silver and gold and it’s actually pretty cute!

My Happy Planner: Lets just say I’ve been filling my planner with doodles since 5th grade and recently I’ve started following a few planner pins on Pinterest! Now I’m loving the ways you can spruce up your planner and make it your own! You can even add self care, organization, and meal planning which makes your life so much easier!

I hope you enjoyed hearing about 10 things I’m Into right now. I would love to know what you are currently in to!

2 thoughts on “10 Things I’m in to RIGHT NOW!

  1. I really enjoyed your favorite things! I’m going to add a few to my daughter’s stocking. One of my favorite things right now are my huaraches (NIKE). They are so comfy and perfect for everyday or even workouts!

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