3 Things I’ve used to beat anxiety.

A few years ago we had the most unfortunate experience happen to us. Our house was burglarized in the middle of the day and they took everything! It was so unreal to me because I had never experienced anything like this is my entire life. Days after this I started experiencing new emotions that I’d never endured before and I knew something had to change. It took me a while because I didn’t recognize what anxiety was. I had never suffered from anxiety or depression so I didn’t know how to cope. I was literally driving myself crazy. I decided to try a few different coping strategies I found online and there are three that I still use to this day.

1. Unplug- I know unplug sounds so easy but in 2019 it is so hard to just put your phone/ipad/computer down and literally experience life. From working from our phones to posting perfect pictures and browsing others fake lives we sometimes fall into the social media fantasy which takes our mind on a whirl wind of emotions. Instead of feeding into this when you’re already feeling low, give your self a chance to chill. Go play a board game with the kids, read that book your purchased on amazon a few months back, try a new recipe…just do something other than falling into the fantasy world.

2. Breathe/Relax- Seriously, I know it sounds so basic but hunny! That breathe in, breathe out technique is a life saver. I literally find a focal point in the room, usually the ceiling fan in our room and I look up and breathe in and out. In for 10, out for 10. I know it sounds so simple but it is really a life saver. I feel so much better when I finish doing this and I can literally do it anytime and anywhere!

3. Organize- Get yourself and your family ready for the week. Pull out everyones clothes, meal plan, and get your life in order. That alone will have you feeling like a new person and less worries equals less anxiety.

I know this list seems so minimal but being a wife, a mom of 3, student teaching in my last semester of graduate school and pregnant with our fourth baby has me on edge most days. All I want is a happy and healthy family and baby and if these simple steps help me, hopefully they can help you too!


Erin Green

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