Frugal and Fun Fall Date Night Ideas 

Frugal and Fun Fall Date Night Ideas 

Being a mom of three and a bomb as wife in 2018 has got to be one of the hardest tasks ever.  I mean here you are, marrying your best friend thinking that you’ll be living your best life, dating each other like teenagers, but instead 5 years later, here we are.  Trying to squeeze in a date night once a month and sometimes those have to be enjoyed with 1 of 3 little people.   Oh and lets not talk about how expensive it can be to date in this day and age!  We went to the movies a few weeks back and it cost us $60!  For two people and we didn’t even get food!  Just some greasy ass popcorn that left me with a migraine (I think it’s the artificial butter) and some sweet ass lemonade!  Oh and a box of overpriced candy! ((rolls eyes dramatically)) 

Well, instead of drifting apart and ending up with some marriage counselor, telling them your problems, and looking at each other with sad eyes wondering “where did our love go?”  I have decided to gather a few ways for you to get the date night in multiple times a month, without breaking the bank or begging for a babysitter.  Sometimes it’s ok and even more logical to just put the kids to bed and enjoy the beautiful home you’ve curated to be the perfect palace.  

Think about it, before long you’ll be attending their high school graduation and wishing they were still here to run back and forth to practice and find a way to have some alone time.

So while you all are swooning over your man crush Monday…check out my 5 favorite frugal date nights for couples.

Movie Night at Home

I know this sounds real basic, but you know I’m not basic at all. This is great because it’s literally under $10.  

All you have to do is run to the basement and grab a few strands of Christmas lights.  Grab some chairs from your kitchen table and a sheet and literally make a fort.  Like one of those forts from when you were a kid and your mom use to fuss about.  Yeah, that.  Go ahead and make one and make it comfy with your comforters and pillows that are laying around.  Then light a few candles and put them on the tv stand. Pop some Jiffy pop, and turn on a Netflix original you’ve been dying to see.  

Make a dope ass playlist!

Although I don’t love todays music and the majority of the time id rather listen to a podcast than listen to “tipping strippers” I love, love, love me some old school!  Yes, whether its NSYNC, Lauryn Hill, Tupac, or the Spice Girls, I can never get enough of the old school jams! I mean I was born in 85 and raised in the 90’s so what do you expect?  

So a fun way to enjoy the era you grew up in is to create a playlist and make a homemade pizza with the one you love. This creates an amazing bonding session and it gives you a chance to create a playlist that you can listen to when you are cleaning up on Saturday mornings.  This will put you in a happy mode and help your kids appreciate good music.  

Create a Vision Board

A few years ago my husband and I did this and omg everything came to fruition.  Literally, we have our dream house, my mom van, finished grad school, got my louie, visited New York, paid off some debt, and created a life we love.  We had all of these on our vision board a year ago so I am a firm believer in creating a dream/vision board.  

Have a Chopped Competition

If you’re like my husband and I, neither one of us are professional cooks but we CAN make a mean dish!  I mean, I’m able to cook an everyday meal but don’t ask me to make anything fancy because…9 times out of 10 I’m not gonna try it, or…I already don’t like it lol.  So in this date night edition of chopped.  Go to the refrigerator and pull out what you have, put it on the counter and see who can make the best (Tastiest) meal with the ingredients given.  This can turn out good or bad but whatever the case, I’m sure you’ll have a ball doing it.

Learn to Give Great Massages

Seriously, I know this can be boring but I promise if you set up a little massage station.  Light a lavender candle, turn on some soothing music and grab some baby oil and a dollar tree massager (I say massager because if you’re no massage therapist, your hands will be tired!) and go to work!  Your significant other will love this and once again…its super cheap!  Oh and order take out!  We love ordering Teriyaki Chicken and Rice from the local Thai place and it may be me but massages put me in the mood for Thai. Lol

Last but not least just be creative and enjoy one another.  I mean, it’s the fall and it’s so beautiful outside so go enjoy the outdoors  and live your life.  Whether it’s a trip to the pumpkin farm or apple orchard, have fun with your man…or woman!

If you enjoy any of these fun and frugal date night ideas, @loveeringreen me and let me know!  In the meantime, make sure you give him a few more hugs and kisses, grab her a few just because flowers, or a Starbucks gift card and show them some love!

Until next time…

Love Erin Green

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