A Dream Come True…In the City of Dreams…

I’ve had this major obsession with New York City since I was a child. If you’ve read my bucket list (read here), you probably already know.

 From watching classics like Home Alone lost in New York over and over again,  to watching Living Single while imagining I was a roommate in the apartment of 20 somethings.  I mean I’ve even gone as far as subscribing to Huffington post, the New York Times,  and every blog that Refinery 29 posts,  while rewatching every single episode of Sex and the City feeling as if I was a career crushing 30 something single, looking for love,  in the midst of upper Manhattan,

I’ve totally plunged into each of these and found myself lost in the moment as if I was living the American Dream! In NEW YORK CITY “The City of Dreams!

I always said that I would move there but then when the babies started trickling in, I decided to become a teacher, life changed from wanting to move, to wanting to visit, so thats what I stuck with. Now 2 decades later, Im finally going.  Let’s just say,  I didn’t want to visit with a few coins in my pocket and I wanted to be able to stay in a Manhattan hotel and fully experience all New York has to offer so I waited until I was Sex & the City age to pull the trigger.

Well, I finally did it! I purchased tickets to go to a city I’ve dreamed about since I was a child. In about 2 weeks I will finally experience something that I’ve dreamt about since being a child.  The stay will be brief but I don’t care.   If I only have 12 hours there, I’d be happy!

So now, I’ve been scouring Pinterest like a mad woman looking for things to do and I’ve came to the conclusion that yeah, I wouldn’t  mind being a tourist in the city that never sleeps but being a true New Yorker for the short time I’m there would be even better!

I’ve decided to take notes from each and every Pinterest site I’ve read and crush New York in the little time that I’ll be there. <<Insert super sad face here>>

So I’ve put together my list of must-do’s, now lets see how many I actually conquer while visiting this beautiful masterpiece of a city.

1. Room in Manhattan

Yeah I know, this is a typical tourist thing to do.  But since I plan to explore the city as well I figured if I stay down here, I don’t have to visit…right?  I can just leave my hotel room in the wee hours of the morning and take a stroll right in the beauty of it all…maybe even write a blog post from a quaint little coffee shop owned by a local with the same dreams I endure.

2.  Ride the subway!  Yes, I know, disgusting.  But I have my hand sanitizer packed and my poker face ready!

A clear subway is sure to be unlikely
A clear subway is sure to be unlikely

3.  Well, since Im taking the subway out of Times Square I may as well go to the community coined the “Black Mecca of the World”…HARLEM!  Since the 1920’s my people have developed this historic and beautiful community as their own.  Building businesses, Cultural Centers, Small Shops, Beautiful Brownstones,  and making this a Landmark for the future generations.  So I MUST VISIT the amazing…HARLEM!!!!! PLUS, Netflix just filmed Marvel’s Luke Cage Season 2 there! So yaaaaaaaas!  This is a win win.

Marvel's "Luke Cage" in sitting of "Pop's Barbershop"
Marvel’s “Luke Cage” in sitting of “Pop’s Barbershop”

4. Take a walk in the famous Central Park”

Well maybe not a walk since this is a short trip and from everything I’ve seen filmed in this location, I’m sure its safe to assume…IT’S HUGE!  So maybe a bike tour that lasts under an hour will suffice.

I wonder if I come after dark will the bird lady from Home Alone come out?!?
I wonder if I come after dark will the bird lady from Home Alone come out?!?

5.  Take a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge…ok, ok, I’m terrified of walking across bridges so this probably won’t happen without me turning pale and my stomach turning in circles until I _____.  I’ll save the description. lol. But it seems really cool and maybe, just maybe I can stay long enough to get a dope shot.

Picture this shot with me and my natural hair doing so super cool boomerang right in the middle! Yaaaaaas Queen!
Picture this shot with me and my natural hair doing so super cool boomerang right in the middle! Yaaaaaas Queen!

6. Find a super dope cupcake shop because of course, y’all know my love for cupcakes!  (I’m a bake, duh!)

Some cupcake shop in Harlem...264 Lenox Avenue at 123rd Street
Some cupcake shop in Harlem…264 Lenox Avenue at 123rd Street

7. Blog from a super cute coffee shop with amazing coffee in Manhattan!

8.  Oh and of course visit the famous Statue of Liberty.  But I don’t want to just ride by, I want to go inside!  I MUST soak in the full experience and all it’s history.

9. AND last but not least, ENJOY MY STAY…

The Beautiful NYC
The Beautiful NYC

My goal is to accomplish all of the above while soaking up every single minute.  Oh and I will definitely be back to tell you all about my trip.

Until Next Time…Live your beautiful life,

Love Erin Green

My love ❤️

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