A tasty pie in under 5!

Yeah I know, summer is almost over but that does not mean barbecues are coming to a July any time soon! I mean, there’s Labor Day, plenty of warm days and of course my birthday ahead. Oh and let’s not forget the many pot-lucks that are approaching. Well, for as long as I can remember, I was always that person that would forget to make something so I’d grab chips, a salad or some other over priced dessert or side from the grocery store on my way to work.

I literally have been eating this pie since I was about 5 years old and my brother in law is totally obsessed with it.  This is his annual request from my mom on his birthday like clockwork.

Well, I really shouldn’t spill the beans on my quick (under 5 minutes to make) and to the point pie but this 4 ingredient pie which costs under $8 dollars to make is sure to impress the crowd and of course get tons of compliments and recipe requests so make sure you have them written down on a little notecard and you’re ready to share.

Let’s dive right in!

You know I love making my graham cracker crust from scratch but for this recipe to be even quicker, you can grab this ready crust in store for around $3.

The four ingredients needed were cool-whip ($1), Kool-aid pack of your choice ($1), sweetened condensed milk( $1.50), and a small tub of cream cheese (not a must but it seems to take a bit of the tartness away)($2).

You literally put all 4 ingredients in a mixer and go. Once everything is mixed thoroughly, put it in the crust and refrigerate for two hours!

That’s it! Voila!  Crazy right?

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