Don’t wait, get rid of it!

With the holiday season approaching i’m pretty sure we all stay extremely busy!  I mean, it’s one holiday after another and although they are fun, they never let up!  You roll into one holiday after another and you’re literally putting up one thing and you’re on to the next.  Although I don’t go all out for any holiday other than Christmas, I do set out a few cute little fall feels to create a bit of the holiday ambiance.

Nevertheless, the holiday season is my favorite time of year but is documented as one of the most stressful times of the year so with that being said, we should all detox our houses and our minds.  This list will be sure to help you have an amazing, stress free holiday season for years to come.  


This is self explanatory!  Often times we keep stuff around thinking that eventually we will use it knowing darn well, this is something that we don’t even like that much.  A prime example is, that extra set of lights with a few missing bulbs?  Yeah, it’s definitely something we don’t need.  Just buy a knew pair or have one less strand of lights.  Most of the time, we have pre-lit trees anyway, so what is the point of having a strand of lights anyway.



Go through your closets, not just your bedroom but all of them and figure out whether you’ll ever wear it again.  There are so many times you buy something because it’s on sale and you realize it was only cute the first time you threw it on but yeah… now, not so much.  This time of year, it’s also an amazing time to get rid of your clothes you don’t wear anymore because you can help out someone who may be less fortunate or even that fashionista thrifter that needed something from that “retro fashion” to make their outfit hit!  In all honesty, you can also make some Christmas money by taking your clothes to one of those resale shops that pay you cash on the spot for the clothes you bring in.  


This is something I do pretty often because I am good for having an expired bag of rice from time to time.  Decluttering your cabinets around this time even helps you save money and the headache of deciding on what to cook for dinner because guess what?  You can cook everything that is  close to expiration!  If theres rice thats about a week or two away from expiration, add chicken and a vegetable and there you go.  A full meal that you didn’t have to think about and one less thing to throw away.


Kids today are more spoiled than kids in the past which means that they have WAY too much “stuff.” With that being said, get rid of it!  Get rid of those toys that they haven’t played with in forever and take them to the local “Head Start
“ programs, or the goodwill.  Although they do sell them, at least, they are at a decent price most of the time and those that need them can afford it.  Its also nice when you can find a family that has children the same age as yours that are interested in your gently used toys.  Clothes are the same way, we buy our children so many clothes (as if they have places to go and people to see) the they barely get a chance to wear them all more than once.  Which is pretty ridiculous.

Now that I’ve given you a few tips to declutter before the holidays, get busy!  I’m hoping this list helps as you head into the holiday season so that you are spreading holiday cheer rather than being the Grinch!

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