Guilty Pleasure, Say What?

Don’t act like we don’t all have guilty pleasures…you know something that you love but others would probably give you the side eye to like they don’t do it to.  Well, my guilty pleasures are what keeps me going.  What gets me through the season changes, the long days at work, and the times I feel like I should be pulling my hair our rather than raising the cutest little humans I know!

I really feel as if indulging in my guilty pleasures act as a self-care routine.  It’s not like we all have money to get full body massages and hot stone pedicures done weekly so we obviously have to find other ways to maintain our sanity right in our own home…or someone else.  Oh, and don’t get me wrong, even if I have the money to do so, I wouldn’t. I am cheap as hell, I like to say frugal as hell because it sounds better but to be honest.  I don’t like spending money on things I don’t need or care about.  Let’s just say, “I don’t do it for the gram.”

Lets cut to the chase. Maybe you’ll read my list and be like…dang “I do that too!” or “maybe I should do that instead of ___” and save yourself some time and money,  I mean, it is 2018 and its all about budgeting and businesses so save that money girl and turn your hobby into another stream.  Anyway, lets get started.

#1 Binge watch shows about funny ass people who can’t get it together such as INSECURE and SHE’S GOT TO HAVE IT.

I mean, the fact that these women each possess a bit of my personality, they women of color, and they are funny/dope as hell makes me keep coming back for more!

#2 ICED Coffee – I seriously love it!  Like, morning, noon, or night…I can drink it and it tastes so amazing!  &yeah, I know.  It’s packed with hella sugar but its just so damn good!

#3 Family T.V. shows- Run’s House, Fuller House, Black-Ish, Sister Sister (I know it’s old but I still watch reruns), Fresh Prince (one of my favorites), etc.  Yes, I love old happy tv, you know the ones with real dilemmas.

#4 Cleaning with 90’s r&b blasting!  Theres nothing like cleaning the toilet with some sultry man voice singing in the background!

#5 Browsing IG, I almost said FB but I actually don’t get on FB that often anymore.  Anyway, I love the explore page! Between the cooking videos and hair tutorials, the nights I can’t sleep leave me imaging all the cool shit that I can create!

#6 Christmas Movies & Hot Chocolate as soon as my birthday is over!  Seriously, as soon as September 13th arrives (the day after my birthday) it’s pretty much the fall.

#7 Listening so Disney Soundtracks in my car and singing them as loud as I can.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I turn on Lauryn Hill and sing from the bottom of my lungs too but something about those Disney Classics….man!  I think its the THEATRE NERD deep down inside!

#8 Putting my COLD feet under my husband.  Im so glad he deals with it because I swear it feels amazing! I mean, I could just put on socks but why when I have him!

#9 Wearing PJ’s all day!  I swear I can wake up, cook, shower, and put on pajamas and be totally happy!

That must be where my son gets it from!  We can literally walk around in PJ’s all day.  But I don’t.  Usually you can catch me in leggings and a t-shirt.  I gotta look halfway cute right?

#10 Cereal for dinner!  Theres nothing like a bowl of Froot Loops or Chex with honey over the top for dinner!  It’s just oh so good, and even better when it’s not for breakfast!

Ok, well now that I’ve mustered up the courage to tell you all my deepest darkest guilty pleasures lol.  Now its your turn!  Tell me your guilty pleasures and why!  Oh and if you do, tag me @loveeringreen or leave a comment!

Until next time,

Love Erin Green

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