I bet you’ll want S’more!

Ok so…

Let start with the fact that there is literally a day for everything!  I mean, National S’mores day? Really?  Its cool though, I absolutely love stores and no, I didn’t grow up with a family that enjoyed camping or other outdoor rendezvous!  I literally grew up making my scores on a gas stove with those forks that my daddy used for the grill!  I know, COUNTRY and unsafe!  Whatever the case, I never caught on fire and I never missed out on the goodness of the chocolatey, savory,  amazingness that s’mores give you in each and every bite!

When we moved into our new house we were lucky enough to have a fire pit already here.  The thing is, I grew up country so I haven’t a clue how to use it and since my husband wasn’t home, I decided to embark on a fool proof way to make Americas favorite s’more.

You’ll need the same ingredients you’d need when making a s’more on a campfire but this time, you’ll need your grandmas glass casserole dish.

Once you have your ingredients out we can get started!  The first thing you want to do is put down your chocolate.  I say put this down first so that in can fully melt.

Next, go ahead and place your marshmallows on top of them.  I purchased the s’more marshmallows so they were the perfect fit.

Next, put them in the oven oven 375 degrees until the chocolate starts to melt and the marshmallows begin to brown,  I like mine a little burnt, you know how they burn when they’re in an actually fire.  This part usually only takes about 7-9 minutes.

I know, it almost looks like dinner rolls but I promise thats not what it tastes like.  Now its time to grab those gram crackers and dig in!


Omg, now go ahead and enjoy this with your family and friends!  Oh, and when you try it, go ahead and tag me!  @loveeringreen



Erin Green

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