When your almost 33, you create a list!

June 19, 2018

Omg, it’s Mid-June already and in about 3 months I will be turning 33!!!!!  Yes, 33 years old!  I know, I know, I don’t look a day over 21 but it’s true! Your girl is going to be 33!

Anyway, I feel like turning 33 is more of a milestone than 30.  You know, 30 is all about the dirty 30, you’re fresh out of your 20’s and all you want to do is celebrate it with a bang!  Well, 33 is more of…”damn, I’m really an adult and I should have knocked off the majority of my kiddie bucket list, so now it’s time to get shit done!”  So since this will be here before you know it, it’s time to write…

I guess since I will be 33 soon…lets go with 33 things on this new and improved bucket list!

So as you read this just know that I will be I’ll be attempting to be a little carefree and a bit of a free-spirit, to fix my undeniably bad and self-destructive habits and last but not least set goals and surpass them so that I can live an amazing and fulfilling life and make memories that I will NEVER forget.

Now lets get started!

1. Visit NYC!

2. Start a t-shirt biz! I know, I know…everyone has a t-shirt business but I love them so much so I figured why not create my own?

3.Hold an exotic animal and of course take a pic because…It didn’t happen if there’s no picture, right?

4.  Go on a juicing fast

5. Master the art of doing my own eyebrows and lashes!  Yes, I can always get them done but there’s nothing like when you’re pressed for time or have a million and one things to do and you really want to get cute!  You must know how to do the two on your own!

6. Road trip to the self proclaimed “biggest indoor waterpark.”

7. Road trip alone…probably not far because I hate driving!

8. Binge watch a Netflix series in bed for a whole weekend.  I mean, seriously just me and my bed, lights super dim, fresh sheets, comfy pajamas, with warm coffee coming!  Yaaaaas, sounds like a dream.

9. Take a cooking class.  Something fancy, you know?

10. Eat a hot dog in Central Park.  Yes, I was vegetarian for a year but I have recently said that I am not putting a title on it anymore.  So…If I wanna eat vegan for 6 months and go get a hot dog, I can do it!

11. Visit the statue of liberty and take some super dope photos.

12. Publish an article on Huffington Post.

13. Start a youtube channel.  This just seems like something that would be tons of fun. Sometimes writing a blog post isn’t as fun as watching a video.

14. Publish an ebook

15. Do a digital detox.  Every now and then one needs to break away from social media and everything it has to offer.  Social media can throw a person completely off of their square so taking it away for about a week (yes, I know that seems like forever) may be good for the mind, body, and soul.

16. Host a Thanksgiving Dinner from beginning to end!  I mean, cook EVERYTHING!!!!!

17. Run 2 miles without dying! lol

18. Take care of myself!  Lose 60 pounds!

19.  Relive my college years and play on an adult softball league.

20. Visit Dubai

21. Visit Paris, France

22. Own a vacation home

23. Go on an audition in Los Angeles

24. Act in a local  play

25.Retire Early!

26,Purchase a Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag

27. Take my father on his very first airplane ride.

28. Swim with a dolphin

29. Vacation on a beachfront home in some super exotic location!

30. Take my family on week long vacation somewhere amazing that they choose…

Well I guess that’s it.

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