Netflix & Bed Weekend? Why Not?

Since the weather is predicted to be a record breaking weekend, I guess you know what that means.  It’s time to stay in the house and soak up some of that artificial air!  Although my family will be heading to the water park capitol of the world, some of you may spend this 4th of July weekend at home &  want a few recommendations for a Netflix and bed weekend!

In no particular order, here are a few shows that will make your weekend out of the heat totally binge worthy!

Pretty Little Liars

OMG, I watched this series last summer and let me tell you!  These kids have got to be older than high school!  They do the most but this show is so awesome with soooo many twists and turns its almost unreal!  This show is set Rosewood, Pennsylvania with a group of high school girls.   This group of girls have it all; popularity, money, love, but when  high school friends threatened, blackmailed and tortured by a rotation of an anonymous villain identifying themselves as “A.”  The story gets real!  So who is A?  It’ll take you 7 seasons to figure it out!!!!

Life Sentence

A cute little show about Stella Abbot (also a main character in Pretty Little Liars) who is diagnosed with cancer, moves to Paris, marries a tall, dark, and handsome man and finds out she’s cured all in the first 20 minutes of the show! lol. Nope, I didn’t spoil it but it’s literally a whirlwind of hotness and dysfunctional family at it’s finest but Lucy Hail plays this role to a T, and I loved it!


To start, lets just say, this is no “Orange is the New Black.”  Wentworth begins with the incarceration of a first-time offender Be a Smith. , Bea  is sentenced to Wentworth Prison for the attempted murder of her abusive husband. While there, she finds herself in the middle of a power struggle between Jacs the older top dog of the jail, and Franky the lesbian who’s not interested in giving up power. After the prison’s governor (Australia’s version of a warden) is killed during a riot, the administration cracks down on the inmates as they try to find out who committed the crime.

A gritty drama and mystery series rolled into one, Wentworth which is based on the 1980s Australian show Prisoner and is absolutely amazing and worth every minute!

Lets just say, DARK,  Women’s Prison, in Australia!

Luke Cake 

This crazy, action-full of action drama Netflix original is about a man with super strength and unbreakable skin caused by a sabotaged experiment.

Luke Cage tries to live a quiet life in Harlem, New York the Mecca for African Americans, he chooses to fight crime and crazies along the way.

“Marvel’s Luke Cage” is the third show in the Netflix original Defenders series & I love how they all intertwine!  I’m not going to spoil anything so I’ll just say…watch it!

He’s a BLACK SUPER HERO, enough said.

The Flash

Barry Allen is a Central City police forensic scientist with a reasonably happy life, despite the childhood trauma of a mysterious red and yellow lightning killing his mother and framing his father. … With Barry’s new powers and team of scientists, he becomes “The Flash” and helps fight crime and protects Central City.

What Happened to Monday

Are y’all ready for a mind bender?  Yeah?  In a world where families are allowed only one child due to overpopulation, resourceful identical septuplets must avoid governmental execution and dangerous infighting while investigating the disappearance of one of their own.  I can’t even go in to detail…but this movie is CRAZY! I actually watched this over Christmas break last year and while this is no Christmas movie, I had chills!


This show will have you feeling like you’re a teenage again!  Well, kinda.  Once again, these adult like teenagers love to play a game of clue!

Based on the Archie Comic which started in 1941, Riverdale is centered around a group of high school students who are shocked by the death of classmate, Jason Blossom. Together they unravel the crazy/unreal secrets of Riverdale and who really killed Jason Blossom.

Dear White People

Based on the acclaimed film of the same name, this Netflix-original series follows a group of students of color at Winchester University, a predominantly white Ivy League college. The students are faced with a landscape of cultural bias, social injustice, misguided activism and slippery politics. Through brutally honesty and humor to highlight issues that still plague today’s”post-racial” society. This show is a MUST SEE!

7 Seconds

When 15-year-old black boyBrenton Butler dies in a hit-and-run accident with a white police officer. Jersey City explodes with racial tension. 7 Seconds explores the aftermath of the accident, which includes an attempted cover-up by the police department and a trial. Assistant prosecutor KJ wants to prosecute the hit-and-run as a hate crime, in addition to a negligent homicide. The longer the case drags on without a resolution, the more tense the situation becomes.

Im so sad that this show couldn’t go on for a 2nd season but it is definitely one to Netflix and Bed with!

Ok, so obviously I’m not expecting you to watch all these in a weekend because hell, if you’re reading Modern Day Mom you probably have kids, a business, or someone that’s busy and wants to enjoy a quick read or a show that you can come back to  from time to time, which means you don’t have much time.  Hopefully you get a few free moments this weekend and if you do, pick a title and enjoy.

Until next time…Live your beautiful life.

Love Erin Green

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