OMG $15 dollar wreath in under $15 minutes!

Lately I’ve been in the house! I don’t think I’ve left for more anything more than the necessities of life, work, kids school, grocery shopping and that’s about it. This is definitely the I’m going straight home and chill weather for me.

Today it was a big warmer so I felt like spring may be coming sooner than later (wishful thinking). Anyway, I decided to create a spring-ish wreath for our front door.

This wreath was created in about 15 minutes and it was less than $15!

So I stopped in Walmart today to get Valentine’s Day treats for the kids and decided that I was going to make a wreath! I decided I was going to go with purple and yellow. Not because they’re my favorite but because they were there and available.

There were tons of colors to choose from so I decided that purple was fun and springy. Oh and sunflowers are my absolute favorite so I wanted to add a few of those into the

I ended up buying about 13 bunches of flowers. The fuller you want it the more you’ll. We’d but 13 was perfect for the smaller ring.

Next I went to the dollar tree because I’d been hearing about the wreath forms there and guess what? They had them! Oh and they were only a dollar in comparison to $4 at Walmart so that was major! I actually bought two! One for my Spring wreath and one for the Easter wreath I will make and record very soon!

I also grabbed some floral wire. You need this in the end but I’m sure you can use any type of wire, heck even dental floss would work!

Now to begin. Find a starting point and lay the flowers on top of one another. They should all go the same way. As you lay them down, wrap the ends so that they don’t move. Once you’ve got the entire form filled. Flip it over, tie the wire and you’re done! Yes! It’s that easy.

Now all you have to do is spread the flowers to get your desired look and you’re all done!

Now you have a cute wreath for under $20! I mean really, have you guys seen the price tags on some of these in store wreaths!? Ridiculous!

Pretty crazy if you ask me!

Oh and you can add the greenery and whatever else you’d like to get the look.

Here’s what my end result looks like!

And I love it! Not to bad for my very first 15 minutes wreath!

Next up: Easter Wreath which I will have step by step and even a video for that one. Stay tuned!

Oh and if you recreate this, please tag me! I’d love to see it! @loveeringreen or @moderndaymom_ on IG.


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