Only speak it if you want to receive it!

So, I know I have been m.i.a. for a while but these past 8 months have had me in an entire world-wind of emotions…physically and mentally to say the least.

I remember a few months prior to finding out that I was pregnant I found myself writing a blog about how amazing it would be to have a family of 6 and look where we are now…becoming a family of 6.

This whole experience has taught me about how powerful are the words that come out of your mouth. I mean seriously, when I was writing that blog I had not intentions on getting pregnant. It was literally a quick thought and a cool blog post that I wanted to write about but nothing literal. But obviously, me putting it out in the universe surely showed me something new.

So now that I am 35 weeks pregnant with my baby girl, I have decided to talk to my loves about how important it is to watch your mouth! lol. I remember when our parents use to say that and I was like, ok. But now it means so much more. Since then I have only put out what I want in return. Like a few months ago I finished grad school and the whole last semester I talked to myself about how I could do it and how I’d graduate and guess what? I did! I also had a test to take in order to get my teacher certification I walked in the testing site with full on confidence and I told myself I could do it! 30 weeks pregnant, just getting off of bedrest, and miserably tired, I hyped myself up and passed my test with a breeze. When I say I was about 37 points over the national benchmark and I studied the wrong information, all I can do is give credit to GOD! It wasn’t my doing!

Well, I say all this to say I am so excited to see my baby girl and her little face and give her all the kisses. This has been the hardest pregnancy thus far with swollen everything, super nauseas mornings, the worst heartburn ever, bed rest, short cervix, and a million doctor appointments but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I can’t wait to welcome Princess G in my arms… Hopefully I will be posting her soon (within the next week or two)!

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