Party of 6, coming in 20__… Wait, What?


Ok, so I know y’all are going to think that I am absolutely insane for what I am about to say but I am seriously considering having another baby!  

Im seriously that person.  I grew up in a family of 5.  No, not 5 children.  It was literally my Mom, Dad, sister, brother, and of course me.  I was the youngest of all by 12 years and the thing about it is, I WAS BORED!!!  Now that I look back on my childhood, I sit and thank GOD for friends and  parents that let my friends spend the night as often as they could because I literally had nothing to do.  I honestly felt like an only child! Especially when my brother moved out and my sister went to college when I was around 5. 

So lets skip the long sob stories about growing up similar to an only child and let y’all know why I want a big ass, close-nit family!

These are in no particular order but let’s get started…

  1. You always have a place to visit!  Lord willing each child will chose their own amazing path which will give them the life they deserve and we can visit them every single summer and holiday!  There’s nothing like vacationing with the ones you love, right?  
  1. Holidays will be awesome!  Now you know, you look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas because it’s the time when all your family comes out the wood works and gathers for this amazing meal prepared by the best  cooks in the family.  I know I do.  The only thing is, my family is pretty small and until I married my husband, our Thanksgivings were quite minimal.  I mean, of course we have my mom, dad, sister and our families but our aunts and uncles rarely show up and all of our cousins live somewhere else or gather with their immediate family so it’s never been that huge Thanksgiving Celebration I’ve always dreamt about. 
  1. They prevent you from watching trash t.v.  Lord, Im not gonna lie, I use to have a thing for watching Tanesha from the bad girls club run around screaming, “I aint get no sleep cause’ of yall, yall not gon’ get no sleep cause’ of me.” But I soon  realized, this is not something I want my daughter growing up watching and getting ideas that this is how adults should act.  Having kiddos has quickly reminded me that instead of muting the TV every-time they walk in…just don’t watch it. Thanks kids, now I can no longer vicariously live through the House Wives of Atlanta or any other bat crazy woman on TV.
  1. Never a dull moment!  In our house, there is literally never a dull moment.  I mean, when a two year old tells his 6 year old brother “I just can’t with you today DJ” you know it’s going to be a good day.  I’m sure with a few more rugrats running around, I will be able to write a book on what kids say.
  1. You’re finally organized.  Yes, I know with baby #1 you were super organized but when two and three come along, your world changes a bit.  You get a little crazy and life begins to have a bit of clutter.   Then when they all get about 2, you realize that you have to be organized to maintain some sense of sanity SO your favorite store becomes the container store and you seriously find yourself on Pinterest trying to  figure out how to minimize your life.  I know I have become this list making, life hack, make sure everyone knows where everything is type of mama.
  1. The way my husband loves our kids.  When I say he loves all three of our children with all of his heart.  He truly does.  The look in his eyes when he reminises on how fast they are growing and the smile on his face when he finds an old picture or video of them is so beautiful.  He’s also a great father.  He never misses a game, unless he’s stuck at work of course and he takes pride in helping them perfect their skills if this is something they truly want.  Oh, and he’s also waaaaay more patient then I am when it comes to helping them with their homework because lord after about 5 mintues with my high schooler I almost want to tear each strand of my hair out!!!! 
  1. Kid’s learn patience and how to be a team player.  This is a skill that you can learn and take with you and use in every area of life.  The two skills are needed in school, work, marriage, parenthood and any other thing that life throws your way so prepare your children now and grow your family! 

Last by not least…

  1. Empty Nest takes longer.  This is one of my biggest fears yall!  Especially being that I have a highschool freshman!  In 3.5 more years she will be leaving and going away to college or starting a career!  This is insane to me but I find myself sad.  Oh, no!  I won’t miss the teenage moodiness but I will be sad.  Sad that we won’t be rushing to volleyball practice, games, shopping for homecoming dresses and all the other fun stuff you do with your teenagers.  Im going to end this right here before I begin bawling my eyes out about the fact that, one of three or on their way if a few short years. 

Now with all this being said, I know life won’t be absolutely perfect.  I mean, is it ever?  Nor will it always have the “Brady Bunch” feels.  Yes, they will work our nerves to no end, they. Will complain, they will cry and fight and even say they’re bored when there’s a million things they could be doing.  But one thing I know for sure is that they will always have each other and that is something that can not be taken away.

P.S. There’s no baby in the over nor do I see one anytime soon.


Love always,


Erin Green❤️

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  1. We all go through this phase. I have a friend who is pregnant at 41 this will be her first girl. She is also has become a grandmother😍

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