Stop being so hard on yourself! You’re killing’ it!

We are almost finishing out quarter one of 2019 already and it’s unbelievable that this year is going by so fast! With that being said, I’ve started reflecting on life (because I’m on bedrest and I have nothing else to do) so I’m sitting here asking myself “what have I accomplished?”

I really felt like I hadn’t accomplished a damn thing, then I read a post from one of my IG buddies which said “stop being so hard on yourself” and my mind started flowing and I realized, I’ve done a helluva lot! I have literally crushed my last semester of grad school, kept my kids alive and well, helped my daughter birth a business, made some items for my own soon to launch business, and I’ve grown a baby!

With that being said… am I really questioning myself? I have been killing it! But guess what? I’m not the only one, sis! Think about everything you’ve done thus far! I mean everything! Even if you’ve managed to do your makeup everyday and put some clothes on, you’ve done some self care and that makes you a better person!

In a day and age of instaentrepreneurs and motivational mommy whom all seem to be killing the game, don’t stress yourself out with others and their internet facade. Remember you are doing the best you can and your are crushing life! Keep going and keep shining!

Just remember you’ve got this mama!

Love, Erin Green!

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