Thanksgiving style made easy…


I am so excited to put out this new series.  I will try to do these more often but of course the holiday season is the easiest and my favorite time to host.  So why not start with hosting a Thanksgiving Series.  In this series we will get you everything you need for the big day!

Of course Thanksgiving is all about giving back, so I am literally going to give you everything you need to have a perfect thanksgiving.  From decor inspiration, to your outfit and a menu.  

So to start off the series I am going to begin with Thanksgiving day style.  No, this is no fashion blog but I just want y’all to know that there is a fine line between being cute and being comfy and just being comfy.  Yes, we will be with our friends and family but the one thing we don’t want to do is have on our fat pants and look a hot mess.  

Although these are a few simple ideas, I promise they will get the job done.

My go to for Thanksgiving at home is a cute oversized sweater, a pair of leggings and some good ol’ knee boots (flat or with heels). This outfit is perfect because you can still wear your leggings but you don’t look like a hot mess and when you’re the hostess with the mostest you are more than likely running around like a chicken with his head cut off all day long.  You’re literally putting stuff out, cooking, cleaning up after people and two seconds away from busting a sweat so this outfit is perfect for you!

My go to outfit for Thanksgiving with the family is a pair of boyfriend jeans, a cute t-shirt, a leather jacket and my favorite  booties! Definitely one of my favorites because I can literally wear jeans every day of my life and I love, love, love cute booties. This outfit is perfect because you are able to have this semi-casual look that can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the accessories and the height of that heel.  Theres nothing like a versatile outfit for a busy mama!








Last but not least is the outfit for a Thanksgiving with Friends or the random Thanksgiving invite from the people you work with.  Now sometimes this can get awkward because you may not know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.  So my motto is, dress up and show up.  I mean, to be honest, you’re never too overdressed.  With all that being said, my go to outfit is super simple and cute.  Black dress, black tights, black booties and a fur vest of your choice!  I usually go with black because I just love the color black but this is the time where you can add a pop of color so of course a maroon would be perfect or any other color you love! 

 With this, of course I wear my natural curls because I don’t have to do much to make them pop and of course they’re cute with any outfit.  

For holidays like thanksgiving when tons of family is around and we are sure to be out ALL day, when it comes to makeup I shoot for a basic everyday look.  I always use my Fenty foundation because it lasts all day long and doesn’t rub off no matter how many times I touch my face!  I also love a highlight and I found one at my local drugstore for under $10 and it leaves me with a Hollywood highlight all day long!  Next, I fill in my eyebrows.  Nothing too dramatic, throw on some mascara and call it a day.  Oh, lets not forget my go to lipstick or my favorite Fenty lip glass and your set to seize the day! 


I hope you loved these simple and easy go to fall looks that are absolutely perfect for any crowd… Comment below if you plan to use any of these for this upcoming holiday season and if you do, please tag me and give some feedback.

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