Waterpark Capitol of the World, Say Whaaaat?

Wisconsin Dells here we come! 

Our first road trip of the summer was here and we were off. So my husband and I talked about waking up at 6 a.m. and hopping on the highway but clearly that was just a thought! It all sounded so amazing, you know us parents plan stuff out in our heads as if we are going to stick to the schedule… Wake up at the crack of dawn with our bags already in the van, grab a cup of my amazing creamy iced coffee that currently I’m addicted to and be on our way to vacation land! Yeah, none of that happened. It went a little more like this; Alarm goes off at 6 a.m. ((hits snooze button)), wake up about 8, visit sister in law who was briefly visiting, pick up some allergy meds, grab a crappy McDonalds breakfast, and we finally got on the road around 10:30 a.m.

If you have kids, make sure you have a few freeze pops, fruit, drinks, and other small and non messy snacks on deck!  Those were a life saver for when they got a little cranky.  The trip was about 4 hours give or take with a little traffic but after all of that, we arrived!  Thank the lord!

We checked in to the MTO (Mt. Olympus) resort which I kept seeing in my Facebook pop ups (which is why we chose this resort), and it only took about 15 minutes which was awesome being that it was the middle of the day and it was swarming with families!

Once that was over we headed to our luxurious resort…NOT! It was nothing like the pictures online! Well, I guess they never showed the outside, but this hotel looked like the apartment Yvette and Jody lived in on Baby Boy! I mean straight out of the hood of California! Honestly, this may have looked worse!


And that was ours…top floor, first door! I seriously contemplated calling and cancelling but they always say never judge a book by its cover so we went on in. To my dismay, it was spic n span clean, cute, and looked exactly like the pictures online!

So our weekend 4 days of fun was in order!

We went in and got dressed!

That took all of 2 mins! My babies were like Clark Kent in that hotel and were dressed in the snap of a finger!

Our hotel was literally across the street from the park so we decided to walk. Little did we know, the gate to get in was about a mile long and we’d be in a dust storm on the way back.

Whatever the case, day one was an absolute success! We did the water park and my sons favorite place was the wave pool! Lord, between my oldest son and my husband I don’t know who liked it most!


My husband and son jumping in the wave pool...
My husband and son jumping in the wave pool…

We stayed and played at the outdoor waterpark until 7p.m., when the outdoor water park closes down and when headed to the indoor park.

The floors are super wet so make sure you grab yourself some water shoes! I’m such a germaphobe so we made a quick trip to Walmart and grabbed our whole family a pair for about $5 a piece (here is a pic of DJ’s watersheds below).

DJ wore them everyday all day... I guess they were comfy too!
DJ wore them everyday all day… I guess they were comfy too!

The indoor waterpark was pretty awesome! 6 slides, lazy river, a swimming pool, and a kids area. I mean what else do you need to entertain kids? Oh and if you’re staying on Mt. Olympus property, you have access to the parks (indoor and amusement) until 10 p.m. which is great because those that aren’t on property leave at 7. We played until about 8:30 and by the time we left, the kids wanted food and bed. We grabbed dinner from the local pizza place and headed to bed shortly after.

Day 2: We woke up quite early. The kids were so excited to head back to the parks although we (my husband and I) were exhausted we grabbed a coffee for the parents and donuts for the kids from dunking donuts and headed back for day 2 of fun. We decided to wear clothes and ride some rides.  We realized how uncomfortable it was to wear swimsuits on the rides the night before, when we rode a rollercoaster right after the wave pool!

The first thing we did was hit the family friendly go carts. The literally had a set of go carts in each quadrant of the amusement park. If you don’t drive a go cart, you probably didn’t go to Mt. Olympus.  Dada and Jai rode one, Zion rode one, and DJ and I were in our own and I let him take the wheel! Whoa, was that nerve wrecking!

After a few more rides, the kids were starting so we went to eat. Mt. Olympus offers FREE FOOD AND DRINKS to those who stay and play so we figured why not take advantage of this! When we arrived, the lines weren’t too bad since it was pretty early so we grabbed pizza, and breadsticks, Z got 2 hot dogs and chips, and we grabbed our soda. They definitely advertised free food and drinks so I was thinking more of a buffet style lunch but nope, good old 90’s birthday party food.

After eating, the kids were ready to go back to the waterpark so we headed back to the hotel to change and back to the waterpark we went. One thing I;d recommend is to have your swimsuits and a change of clothes with you because the amount of time it takes to head back to the hotel is utterly ridiculous, especially when its literally across the street.

We enjoyed the park until 8:30, ate and headed back to the hotel.

Day 3 was awesome, and this time we were smart enough to take clothes for swimming and here are a few pictures to enjoy!

DJ after riding the biggest roller coaster in the park!
DJ after riding the biggest roller coaster in the park!
Jai crashed at 2p.m. in 95 degree weather...
Jai crashed at 2p.m. in 95 degree weather…
day 3 and they were still smiling!
day 3 and they were still smiling!
My baby and I
My baby and I
my big baby and I
my big baby and I

Day 4 was checkout day. I guess my babies hadn’t had enough and needed a bit more so we decided to finish off our vacation with a trip to the amusement park one last time! Our resort gave us an extra day for staying with them and we took advantage of it. We rode each roller coaster a few more times, rode the go carts, relived my college years in the batting cages,  DJ rock climb, and  Z and DJ skydived (not me or dada’s idea).

Z and DJ getting ready to skydive which you can check out on our Wisconsin Dells Vlog
Z and DJ getting ready to skydive which you can check out on our Wisconsin Dells Vlog
After they skydived!!! They're checking off bucket list items early!
After they skydived!!! They’re checking off bucket list items early!

After that we gassed up and were on our way back home.

Leaving The Dells...
Leaving The Dells…

This was a super fun trip! I never had a desire to go to Wisconsin Dells but this is definitely a place to go if you have children. My children were exhausted but they enjoyed every second of it.

we were tired but we had a blast!!!
we were tired but we had a blast!!!

Thanks Wisconsin Dells for such an affordable trip for a family of 5.

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